More than just tracking

LossLess Group

LossLess Group BV is a limited liability company, registered in the Netherlands, founded in 2015 by José Vilabella, CEO and main shareholder. We are a track and trace company that has created a system to manage the lifecycle of textiles in a range of interconnected but independent industries, such as hotels, hospitals, laundries and textile manufacturers.

We call this system TaaS: Textiles as a Service. At its core is an RFID-enabled technology platform that identifies ‘connected’ textiles, i.e. equipped with a UHF RFID chip, collects data about them, and transmits those data through the Internet of Things with little or no human intervention.

Textile lifecycle management is defined as the process of production, usage and disposal of an article. Controlling the process of washing, stocking and circulating textiles is surprisingly difficult, and over the last two decades, hotels and hospitals have often struggled to organize their operations in a way that enabled them to do so, due to a lack of control mechanisms.

TaaS unlocks fundamental benefits for any industry using industrial textiles. We offer value propositions for operators in a range of independent, but very much interconnected industries: hotels, hospitals, laundries and textile manufacturers.

TaaS contributes to an environment that is perceived as safe and clean. As a further enhancement of personal safety, we will introduce a new functionality that allows individuals to use the QR function on their phones to check if the linen they use has been washed with a COVID-free program. A further development is a temperature tracking service, using the same principles of data management of our textile tracking system. The data output allows assessment of health status of people, and prediction of a trend, offering an opportunity for proactive management decisions.

We offer our services on the basis of subscription or lease which, to date, has never been a viable concept as a transaction model for industrial textiles. These assets were always treated as simply a volume article without a residual value, and financial institutions were never interested in financing these products.

However, TaaS gives full visibility of each article during its lifecycle, and as such, a residual value can be calculated in real time. Thus, we transform what today is treated as a low-value volume article into a high-value asset that can be traded like any other asset with a residual value. Lease of textiles offers our customers all the financial benefits that are known to add value in other markets that are used to working with transaction model.