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LossLess Group BV and affiliates website terms & conditions

Dear user, the site (hereinafter, the “Site”) is owned and run by LossLess Group BV, a legal entity form under the laws of the Netherlands (LLG hereinafter, referring to LossLess Group and any of its affiliates).

These General Use Conditions (hereinafter referred as “Terms of Use”), together with the Privacy Policy and the other General Conditions published on this Site, govern the access and the use of the site by the user, as well as the contracts of “online” services when applicable, between LLG and the user.

The access to the Site or to the information contained but also to any services offered (like RFID technology cloud based services and IT platform in any LLG vertical business line or trade name/brand), implies the acceptance and the compliance of the Use Conditions and of the General Sales Conditions (that you will normally find in your specific contract). With the access to the Site, or the corresponding IT cloud based platform, all the Use Terms and all the other General Terms and Sale Conditions, are considered as known and accepted: because of this, it is required the user to read carefully, print and save this document before accessing to the Site.

The access to the LLG proprietary cloud based platform, including all its applications, APIs and related pieces of software running on its Internet of Things based hardware, will be also governed by this document, and supplemented by the specific customer contract particular clauses.

LLG reserves the right to modify and/or update all or part of the Use Conditions and Sale Terms and Conditions at any time by the publication of new terms or conditions. Using the site by the user mean the acceptance of all amended and updated conditions on the Site. If the user does not agree with any terms or conditions on the site, must immediately discontinue the use of the site.

The user declares under their sole responsibility, that the information provided during any interaction with LLG or registration into any service of the website, is complete, correct, and truthful. LLG will not be held liable for consequences resulting from entering false, incorrect, or incomplete information during the whole interaction or registration.

Restrictions on Use of the Site
When accessing or using this Site, the User agrees to not:

– use automatic devices, software, or other systems intended to damage the Site, catalogue the Site or any information contained therein;
– use automatic devices, software, or other systems to try to interfere or attempt to interfere with the functions and services of the Site;
– use the Site Contents or perform framing activities even with the aim of creating or filling databases or other type of information; but also to engage in competitive activities with LLG or any of its affiliates on a global basis;
– upload, post, transmit, send advertising material, messages or commercial spam information, invitations to tenders or competitions, junk email, surveys, or other type solicitation requests;
– use the Site or any content on the Site in a way that can be considered, at LLG discretion, not reasonable and/or contrary to the purpose it was made available;
– violating any rights, including the right of copyright, trade secret, privacy, product patents, Internet of Things protocols, or any other intellectual property rights or other reserved rights.
– misrepresent the identity or acts to obtain money, password or personal information;
– violating any applicable legislation provision;
– publish, sell, trade, or use the Site and/or its Contents with any arrangements unless this has been expressly authorised by LLG;
– upload or try to upload viruses, worms, code, spiders, files or other elements that could cause damage to the Site,
– software, hardware, and other telecommunications tools to third parties.

Faculty to limit the Site use to Users
With its absolute discretion, LLG reserves the right to block the function of a registered user or of any user of the site or any party navigating on it that is identified as doing any of the above restricted actions or any non-prudent and responsible entrepreneur/private person action, or in case of violation of one or more General Use Conditions of the Site, of the General Terms and Conditions and any instruction published time by time on the Site. LLG will also bear full discretion to limit or not access to companies/users having current agreements/or collaboration activities with LLG potential competitors.

Intellectual Property

The contents published or accessible through the Site are protected by the laws regarding copyright and industrial property and some of our products are under patent or in patent registering process.

LLG is the owner of the site and, because of this, has the entitled to the use the Site, its pages, its brands, its information or items contained in the texts, documents, photographs, drawings, graphics, software, codes, logos, trademarks, cloud services names, platforms names (like Fides), trade names or other indicative signs protected by intellectual or industrial property rights.

The user cannot reproduce, modify, reverse engineer, distribute, copy, and disclose any single information or elements without the prior authorisation of LLG.

Maximum confidentiality degree intellectual property and information

Any navigation pattern, web design, textile RFID LLG proprietary cloud platform (like Fides or similar) architecture accessed through a LLG given user name and password, patent drawing or description, is specially protected and must be carefully treated by the LLG client. This also includes all the manuals, know how, secret procedures, experiences, that LLG or any of its affiliates might grant access the customer in respect to the services of any of its vertical brands or service lines. All or part of this information, either accessed through electronic means, downloaded, or delivered in print by LLG, is considered of maximum sharing restriction and maximum confidentiality level will be marked as “LLG strictly confidential information” or ”@LLGSCI”.

Sharing this information with any third party and through any media, verbal, written, or digital without express LLG consent, will be taken as a serious breach and violation of LLG intellectual property rights.

Links and references to third party or partners’ sites

The Site might at some moments in time contains links to sites managed and owned by third parties, either partners, vendors or clients. The user, accessing to these sites, recognizes that he/she is going to abandon the site at his/her own risk, knowing well that the General Conditions of the Site and the general conditions and instruction published time by time, do not regulate the access to third party sites. The logos or links shown on the site does not imply recommendation by LLG.

Liability exclusions

LLG publishes information on its web sites or on its affiliate company web sites, like to provide information and/or a service to users, but both LLG and WaveMarker disclaims all liability in case of any technical inaccuracies and/or typographical errors in any of the group companies websites. Once any errors are brought to the attention or noticed, LLG and WaveMarker will work together to correct them immediate. LLG also can make corrections and changes to the site, if necessary, without giving any notice.

LLG does not give any guarantee that the information published on its website or any of its brands or affiliates websites complies with the laws of the jurisdiction for the user, but it is in constant effort and focused to do so.

LLG disclaims all liability for any problems, damage, virus or risks to which the user can occur using this Site and disclaims all liability for any abnormalities in the functioning of the same or the disabling of “cookies” in the user’s browser. Customer is suggested to read and accept the cookie policy or any one that might supersede it.

When a user can register in the site for access to special services, content, relationships or electronic products or services when applicable LLG assumes no liability for the wrong use of registered users personal credentials. In Fact they are the only ones responsible toward LLG and toward third parties of the correct use of these credentials.

Unless a private specific customer agreement, LLG does not guarantee continuous and uninterrupted access to the Site, its cloud services platform and its services, which can be affected by factors, also technical, outside of its control or site update/evolution activities.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The access and use of the site by the User are subject to the Dutch law.

In case of a dispute concerning or arising the access and/or the Site use by Business User, is exclusive jurisdiction of Amsterdam Court.

These website terms and conditions were updated on February 2017.