A new option

Textiles leasing


New kid on the block

Lease, a question of money

Lease has never been a viable concept for industrial textiles as these were always considered assets without a residual value, and banks are not interested in financing these products.

However, TaaS gives full visibility of each article during its lifecycle, and as such, a residual value can be calculated in real time. Thus, we transform what today is treated as a low-value volume article into a high-value asset that can be traded like any other asset with a residual value.

The changes introduced in IFRS 16, effective January 2019, have made leasing an attractive proposition, as it improves EBITDA, a key financial metric for performance and business valuation.

We have several options when the articles are taken out of circulation, and our aim is to always take a step that benefits the environment. Extending the use of items that have been through a controlled lifecycle and still meet quality demands is one. Another one is making them available for the secondary market where traders are willing to sell used, but documented, textiles.

TaaS enables lease, an attractive cash-preserving financial option at a time that industries need that commodity most to adapt to a changed economy.