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Connected linen

Differentiation and preservation of cash

Whilst the potential advantages of RFID tagging have been recognized by the laundry industry for many years, the real benefits have not materialized until LossLess Group has developed their connected linen service TaaS: Textile as a Service.

The traditional rental model has become commoditized and users have seen little differentiation between suppliers. However, with connected linen the benefits of a bespoke service that is controlled and transparent add significant value to the laundry proposition.

In a post COVID-19 world the TaaS connected linen model will significantly reduce the working capital requirements for laundry companies, allowing cash-efficient expansion. Becoming a part of the LossLess Group family will help laundries expand profitably.

Total visibility of textiles in circulation will help both the users and the laundries improve efficiency, and reduce the amount of stock required to provide a consistently reliable service. With absolute clarity of data there are no disputes on invoicing and therefore improved payment times.

In addition to TaaS, our value proposition offers leaseback constructions of textiles and laundry equipment.