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Our focus is on control, visibility and consistency of the lifecycle of industrial textiles in hospitality and healthcare. From within the textile rental industry, we have seen the frustration of customers with their inability to manage their expensive textile assets.

We are an international group of like-minded industry executives with backgrounds in B2B companies across a range of sectors. Among these are textile rental, logistics, security, retail and IT.

The team brings together a diverse mix of qualities that helped us when designing and developing TaaS: Textile as a Service. This track and trace system gives our customers full control throughout the lifecycle of their textile assets. 

Our objective is to build a successful business by combining proprietary technology, the right people for the right job, and strategic alliances.

If you are interested to be a part of our team, why don’t you have a look at our career opportunities.

An ambitious team

About LossLess Group

LossLess Group BV is a limited liability company, registered in the Netherlands, founded in 2015 by José Vilabella, CEO and main shareholder. We are a track and trace company that has created a system to manage the lifecycle of textiles in a range of interconnected but independent industries, such as hotels, hospitals, laundries and textile manufacturers.

We call this system TaaS: Textiles as a Service. At its core is an RFID-enabled technology platform that identifies ‘connected’ textiles, i.e. equipped with a UHF RFID chip, collects data about them, and transmits those data through the Internet of Things with little or no human intervention.

Purpose and direction

Vision and mission

We are convinced everything that can be managed digitally, will be. The Internet of Things will increasingly expand into more aspects of our daily life, and textiles will be a part of this inevitable transformation.

We aim to lead the adoption of connected textiles by applying our proven technology platform, and develop our business through a monetization strategy of industry-specific value propositions.

How we think


We always believed that UHF RFID offered the best chance to resolve the issues we identified around the control of the lifecycle of textiles. However, it took a concerted effort with our partners to adapt, and perfect, what did not work in existing hardware and software.

Our aim is to commercially exploit an Internet of Things business model that gives control to hotels and hospitals of their textile assets. We believe they will not only embrace a solution that finally resolves their control issues, but also welcome lease as a new transaction model.

We have developed industry-specific value propositions for hotels, hospitals, laundries and textile manufacturers. We are not dedicated to one specific market, sector or industry, but have positioned the company as an operator that is equally at home in the sourcing, usage and disposal processes of industrial textiles.

Our technology enabler

Fides by LossLess Group

Fides is the cloud technology platform on which we have built our services.

Based on the EPCglobal standard, Fides uses UHF RFID to track and trace connected textiles. It comprises 3 main components: a rewashable UHF RFID tag, a range of reading and  transmission hardware, and multiple data capture and management software applications.

Fides, named after the Roman goddess of trust, is fundamentally different to other textile tracking systems, as it uses our patented data aggregation algorithm to achieve 100% accuracy. Also, it is the enabler of our service model, rather than simply a technology we sell.

Through Fides we give our customers complete operational and financial control of the lifecycle of their textiles. In addition, they see improvements in health and safety, decrease their environmental footprint and have options to preserve cash.