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Join the connected textiles revolution

Jose Vilabella

Every revolution in history has been preceded by a great crisis, lighted by a spark and spread by a team of believers. At LossLess Group we believe that we are at the inception of the connected textiles revolution, and everything around us at the moment confirms this belief.

The great crisis that precedes this revolution is, of course, Covid-19. As of today, we still don’t know how long it will stay with us, we are all learning as we go, but it is affecting every aspect of our lives in unprecedented ways.

We believe that a consequence of this crisis will be a much higher acceptance of change, especially of those aspects of the previous normal that were not so good to begin with.

All stakeholders in the textile management industry have been equally affected.  The lock down meant travellers stayed at home, hotels experienced a dramatic drop in occupancy, and laundries and textile manufacturers lost their source of business.

The industry came to a halt, and many in it have been left fighting for survival. Latest estimates indicate that up to 25% of all jobs in hospitality may be lost by the end of the year.

The spark that will help ignite the fire is our RFID technology, and the alternative management strategies it enables. Through its implementation hotels improve their GOP by over 5%, whilst finally gaining control of their textiles and laundry operations, and saving cash while doing so.

It’s so much more than just technology, and so revolutionary, that we had to give it a new name: TaaS, Textiles as a Service.

We are looking for a few select people who dare to think differently, to join us and contribute to transforming the way textiles are managed everywhere. We believe this is the opportunity of a lifetime, in a time of global change.

If you think you have what it takes and are ready to join the revolution, click below to see our career opportunities and apply to be part of the action.

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