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Hospitals and care homes

In many cases, hospitals and care homes have lacked the mechanisms to control the lifecycle of their expensive textile articles in circulation, either processed on site or outsourced, resulting in poor operational efficiency and disproportionate cost.

In addition to  operational and financial issues, failure to manage textiles also has significant environmental consequences. Most items end up as waste, and are an increasing component of landfills, estimated to exceed 100 billion pounds globally, one third in the United States alone.

We offer TaaS, Textile as a Service, as a means to give you back control, and deal with questions many operators have struggled with to answer. With TaaS, you know exactly how many textile articles you have, how many your need, where they are, and when they are delivered.

Healthy and relaxed


Our track and trace system TaaS, Textile as a Service, gives you control of your bathrobes, towels and other expensive textile items. We help provide an environment that is perceived as safe and clean by your guests and the staff that serve them.

With that in mind, we are developing an additional service to ensure the personal health of all involved by addressing a critical element of human contact: the textile articles used in spas and other wellness centers.  Your guests will be able to ascertain that their towels have been washed with a COVID-free program, by using the QR function of their mobile phone to scan the items.

This development reflects our added focus on health preservation through technology, and takes the tracking benefits of TaaS beyond its industrial environment directly to the end consumer. We believe it contributes to early detection, and prevents the risk of unknowingly spreading a disease.