Health and safety

Jose Vilabella

Following the Covid-19 outbreak and the deep impact it has on our lives and our communities, every business will have to contribute to a new ecosystem focused on health.  At LossLess Group, we provide a range of tracking services, focused on managing the lifecycle of connected textiles. Covid-19 has been a global eye-opener, putting us all in front of a mirror, and making us realize that our primal need is the preservation of health.

It may be too early to say how indelible a mark this event has left, but it has reminded us all of our own fragility and submissiveness. We may like to think otherwise, but in the grand scheme of things we are pretty small. However, life will go on as it always does, and the question is how each one of us can contribute to alleviating the unavoidable transition to whatever new normal lays ahead.

We have adopted new behavior to avoid contamination by social distancing and avoidance of direct contact with any potentially contagious surface. To stay safe, stay home! Our comfort zone has become our control zone, and getting out of it means exposing ourselves to risks. Only technology applied to the things around us can meet our demands for safety of our environment.

We have just witnessed the first wave of COVID-19, and until a vaccine is developed, we will need to find ways to coexist with the virus. Science has come out with a mitigating strategy based on 2 predictive actions: Testing and Track and Trace.

At LossLess Group, we are adapting our existing track and trace platform to allow customers in hospitals, hotels, restaurants and care homes to check if any linen item they come in contact with has been processed with a washing program that guarantees full disinfection. This is our modest contribution to the collective objective of preserving health.

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