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My name is José Vilabella, and I am a stubborn dreamer. I ran Initial Textiles Services, at the time part of Rentokil Initial plc, in five countries in Europe, and faced the same challenges everywhere: unhappy customers due to sub-optimal linen management. Over the years, we tested every imaginable RFID tracking system, but none worked.

Together with a group of colleagues, we decided to take matters in our own hands, and set out to make it work. Eventually, we succeeded because we are stubborn. Based on patented technology, we created Fides, in our opinion the only truly accurate textile tracking system in the world.

Because we are dreamers, we decided not to simply sell the system, but instead create around it a business model aimed at managing the lifecycle of connected textiles, from production, through usage to disposal. We call it TaaS, Textiles as a Service, and are convinced it will change the way in which industrial textiles are managed everywhere.

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