EPCglobal and IoT

Jose Vilabella

May 22nd, 2020

Many people have accused The Internet of Things of being a solution looking for a problem. However, at its inception, it was a solution for a very real problem. The US retail industry was running out of barcode combinations, and approached MIT to develop a different method to represent data.

The solution MIT came up with was EPCglobal, the global standard for UHF-RFID identification. Not surprisingly, its potential went far beyond and above its original scope of replacing the primitive barcode. It created options nobody had contemplated yet, like connecting things.

When a technology is ahead of its time, the world takes a while to catch up. Nearly 20 years have passed since EPCglobal was founded, and many people still have doubts about the Internet of Things. It has proved to be difficulty to marry usefulness with an effective monetization model. As a result, we have incorporated only a surprisingly small number of connected things in our lives. Instead of the Internet of Everything, it looks more like the Internet of Nothing.

At LossLess Group, we believe we have found a problem that has been desperately looking for a solution. We have adapted the EPCglobal technology to manage industrial textiles, as used in hospitality and healthcare. TaaS, Textiles as a Service, delivers unprecedented control throughout the lifecycle of textiles. It offers operational and financial savings, and contributes to health & safety, and environmental sustainability.

TaaS benefits all parties involved in the textile trade, from hospitals to hotels, laundries and textile manufactures. Long live the Internet of Textiles.

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